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fashion, apartment and decorating
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colors, sleep and girls
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interior, inspiration and classy
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interior, modern and home
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bed, desing and girl
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cake, typography and peace
What’s the real essence of elegance? How do we transform our home into a dream home? The concept of elegance seems so simple to catch but at the same time most of us do not figure out that it actually means simplicity, sobriety and moderation. Living is an art, that’s why we should all focus more our attention towards what reflects us the most: our home. Our home should inspire us once we wake up, it should make us feel comfortable, and it should affect our mood in a positive way. Changing is not difficult and elegance is something we can all afford just following few tips and new ideas: nowadays there are so many articles we can buy without spending a lot, which actually give our home a touch of luxury turning it into the dream home; we just have to be able to choose the right colours to match, the right materials and of course the perfect details to emphasize the whole furnishing. Details are often underestimated but they really do play a fundamental role: plants, paintings, posters, flowers, candles, those are the elements that enrich the environment, that give it a personal print. Either the style we prefer to adopt is vintage, a bit alternative or classy, what we need to know is that the key to the perfect home decor is the colour, maybe taking inspiration by other rooms or stealing some original ideas from someone else’s house. These wonderful photos have been collected here to propose ideas, suitable to your reality. There’s a style adapt to every place, weather, landscape, external architecture and materials since the internal aspect of something must complete the external one, creating together a graceful image to look at. Another fundamental element to consider is the light, the position of our house and how many windows does it have. The size of our home is not important at all and it does not compromise the beauty of the environment we want to create, so don’t give up! A small room is more likely to be characteristic and welcoming, so the small size could be used in a positive way to make our guests feel comfortable. For any type of home, the main ingredient to obtain a particular atmosphere in our rooms is the colour of walls and curtains, which has the power to change the whole look and effect of the interior. Colours must be well managed not to exaggerate, especially if we already opted for strong shades and very detailed elements, while a total white situation is certainly more adapt for those who love experimenting with lamps, photos, posters and other decoration material, always avoiding excesses. For this reason this website contains 12110 examples of fine photography, a number that is constantly increasing (about 49 per day) to show you how to reproduce a perfect interior without risking to make the wrong moves.